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Ten miles of the Batel river border our ranch and many stretches can be fished from the bank or wading.

A few minutes by car or boat and you’ll get right into the action without leaving our ranch OR take a short drive to the Corriente river or a longer one to the majestic Parana.



The smallest of the three rivers meanders through the plains of the Corrientes province.

On its banks stands our lodge, either upstream or down this “little” river averaging 200 feet in width produces great fishing. Sometimes there’s a lot of dry fly action with the smaller relative of the Dorado, the Pira-Pita. Dorados also aggressively take dries.

Overhanging trees and deep bends with undercut Banks produce exciting fishing accompanied by the usual explosion and aerobatics of a hooked dorado. Either wading (wet) or from a skiff these “home waters” hold great fishing. There’s a lot of fishing inside the ranch you can access by car.


20 minutes by car or one hour by boat from the lodge, the Batel flows into the Corriente river. This river sheds the waters of the immense Ibera marshes flowing into the Parana 60 miles south.

About four times the size of the Batel the Corriente has big sandbanks and on the edges and dropoffs there are many opportunities to catch fish. Huge dorado have been taken on the Corriente

Take a picnic lunch and spend thewhole day fishing this river.


Last but far from least is the huge Parana River. Under the right conditions fishing can be very rewarding. There are many miles of side channels like the one above with a diversity of fishing situations. Also, on the main channel, fishing dropoffs from sand banks and undercut banks produce some exciting results.


Batel lodge is close to Goya in the province of Corrientes, northeast Argentina, not far from the borders with Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay.
-29.102817, -58.785456


Accommodations are first class based on David’s 40 years of experience as a fishing guide, lodge owner and outfitter.

Only four fishermen are accepted at a time, this makes for very personal service and uncrowded waters.


Our lodge is easier to access than most other Dorado fishing destinations. Fly to Buenos Aires and then 1:15 hour flight to Corrientes city. A two hour car trip will put you on the river bank the day you fly in.

OR: Fly a charter plane from Buenos Aires to Goya city and a 45 minute drive to the Lodge


About The Fishing

88 species of fish populate these waters but the star is the highly aerobatic Dorado. Other species are also taken with a fly or lure, Boga, Boca Amarga, and Pira Pita. Batel Lodge is part of a working ranch that breeds cattle. Any given day you’ll see our “gauchos”(cowboys) on horseback working in the fields.

Fly rods
  •  8,5’ to 9’ 7 or 8 weight


Spinners and bait casters
  • 6 or 7‘ medium action rods

  • Lures 1/0 to 5/0 hooks

  • Bombers

  • Articulated bombers

  • Rapalas 3 to 5 inches

  • Jigs

  • Spoons

A list of flies.
  • Three to five inches in length. Hooks 1/0 up to 3/0

  • Dave’s Diver

  • Mudler head streamers

  • Blondes (Argentine please)

  • Decievers

  • Poppers

  • Mouse

  • Articulated mouse

  • Large terrestials (made with foam and deer hair)

  • Chernobyl ant

Walking through the woods going back to the lodge.

Wildlife is abundant on our ranch, caimán, capivara and more than 300 species of birds are seen every day, making Batel Lodge much more than a fishing trip.


Based on double occupancy.
Surcharges may apply on single fisherpersons.

$720 per day
$450 per day non fishers



PHONE / WHATSAPP +54 9 3777-620 520