I’ve been very lucky.

I’ve been very lucky. My passion for fishing has taken me to beautiful places. Rainbows, Browns, Atlantic and Pacific salmon. Dolly Vardens and Brookies . Bonefish, permit and tarpon. Every one of these fish produced in me that magical feeling of connection with nature when hooked to the extension of my arm, rod, line, leader, fly. In more than thirty years as a guide and outfitter I’ve spent many hours enjoying sometimes difficult, sometimes fantastic fishing.

My “home waters” today are on the Batel river, only 30 feet from where I live, here in Corrientes, Argentina.
In this river, Dorado are my favorite fish to catch on a fly, but there are many others, 88 different species and many have been taken with fly or lure.

Now, we’re working hard to have Batel lodge ready by January 2019 when we’ll be receiving our first guests this season.
I’m sure they’ll love it as much as I do.

David Shakespear


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